How To Make More Sales

How to make more sales
What business couldn’t use more sales, right? To make more sales, it’s important to understand the 4 things that help drive sales! Awareness, Interest, Consideration, and Action.
Let’s start with Awareness, before anyone can become a customer, they have to be aware of your business and the product or service you provide. Awareness can be built through various digital marketing strategies. For instance, running paid ads on Facebook and Instagram can generate awareness and instant leads for your business. Another great way to build organic awareness is to provide your customer with free value through social media.
Once you’ve built brand awareness and the market is familiar with your offering, next thing to do is peak interest. This can be in the form of a free ebook, podcast, webinar or giveaway. How does an exclusive insider podcast that can only be accessed by private members? This can entice your customer into providing their contact information in exchange for a listen. An example of an interest campaign we ran was an Instagram giveaway. We enticed over 250+ people to sign up for our newsletter for a chance to win a $100 Amazon gift card. Our goal was getting 100 people to sign up with 1-2% of customers moving onto considering our services. We surpassed our goal.
After you’ve built awareness and have customers interested in your brand, next is developing consideration. Sending automated emails or retargeting customers that visited your site, is an great way to turn customers interest into consideration. Nurturing your customer to take action is key to producing more sales. It’s important that they are comfortable with your brand and trust that your solution will be the answer to their problems.
You’ve practiced brand awareness, customers have downloaded your free ebook or listened to your exclusive podcast. They have made up their mind and are going with your business for their needs. To make the customer experience enjoyable, taking action should be as frictionless as possible. Every point of contact with your customer should include important company information and the most convenient way to contact you. Nowadays many people prefer to text, is your business optimized to receive text messages? After a successful social media campaign, one our clients was receiving upwards of 250+ calls a day inquiring about their service. We changed our social strategy and sent an email blast that we were now accepting text messages. We relieved the call backup by implementing an automated text messaging software and the results were phenomenal! People preferred to ask questions and schedule appointments through text rather than waiting 10 or 15 minutes speaking with a representative. Giving your customer choices when it comes to taking action will drive more sales for your business.
Remember, start by building awareness,  peek interest with free value and always make it easy for your customer to reach your business and the choice of frictionless check out!