Gold Marketer

1. Initial Digital Presence Breakdown – We take a deep dive into your companies Website, Social Media, Email, SEO and other various channels to determine where your digital presence ranks among competitors and what channels are going to be most optimal for your business.

2. Social Media Management – We apply Digillennial’s lead-generating social media tactics to your business to ensure your business is on every major social media platform with the correct content and sales strategy.

3. Lifecycle Email Marketing – L.E.M. is all about nurturing the customer through your sales funnel. We deploy robust and engaging email campaigns that develop into life long relationships.

4. Weekly Website Updates – Like most businesses, things change. That is why we include weekly WordPress website updates to keep your company’s website up to date and in tip top shape.

5. Content Creation – We break down your business to decipher which type of lead-generating content is most suitable for your business. Whether a white paper or blog posts we can create content that will turn visitors into a customers.

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