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Meanchis is a Peruvian food truck that delivers unique flavor, simplicity, and convenience packed into legendary sandwiches.


Meanchis came to Digillennial looking for some help with product photography. Additionally, we found an affordable way to collect more customer data to help solidify their brand within the local community.


  • Produced photos and imagery for website and social media

  • Created a email sign up offer to ensure collection of customer information.


Meanchis came to Digillennial needing mouthwatering photos for their delicious sandwiches, but we discovered a golden opportunity to build a loyal customer base – all fueled by the irresistible allure of free Tequenos!

How We Turned Up the Heat:

  • Free Tequenos Frenzy: We crafted a win-win email campaign offering a free order of crispy, cheesy tequenos in exchange for a customer’s email address. Let’s face it, who can resist that golden goodness?
  • Building a Fanatic Following: This irresistible offer not only brought in a flood of new email addresses, but it also enticed customers to try Meanchis’ delectable fare. It was a delicious introduction to their brand!
  • Engagement on Autopilot: With a robust email list in hand, Meanchis could now connect directly with their newfound fans. We helped them craft engaging email campaigns highlighting their latest creations, special offers, and of course, stunning photos of their sandwiches (thanks to our amazing photography team!).

This simple email campaign not only delivered a flood of happy customers eager for free tequenos, but it also laid the foundation for a thriving email list. Now, Meanchis can nurture these connections, keep their fans coming back for more, and spread the word about their mouthwatering Peruvian delights!

Ready to turn your business into a local legend? Contact Digillennial today and let’s craft a marketing strategy so delicious, it’ll have your customers lining up for more!\


We weren’t just taking photos, we were capturing the soul of Meanchis!

To truly captivate Meanchis’ customers, we knew the photos needed to showcase the authentic beauty and irresistible allure of their Peruvian sandwiches. Here’s how we made it happen:

  • Natural Light Magic: We embraced the power of natural light, bathing the sandwiches in a warm glow that highlighted their fresh ingredients and vibrant colors.
  • A Taste of Peru: We transported viewers straight to a charming Peruvian kitchen by carefully crafting a set that reflected the brand’s heritage. Every detail, from the rustic background to the traditional serving ware, whispered of authenticity.
  • Picture Perfect for Every Platform: The final touches weren’t just about flawless edits, they were about strategic sizing. We meticulously tailored the photos to the ideal aspect ratios for both Meanchis’ website and social media channels, ensuring their sandwiches looked mouthwatering everywhere potential customers encountered them.

The result? Photos that do more than just capture a sandwich, they capture the entire Meanchis experience!

The Results


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The Results

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