Is Email Marketing Dead?

Email Marketing

For years now email marketing has been an essential tool for marketers. But in 2020, is email still able to get your customers attention like it use to?

We took a dive into Statista to see how many emails are sent in day. The numbers are staggering, from 2017 to 2020 the average number of emails sent per day is 281 billion. Let that number sink in for a second. Every day 281 billion emails are sent all around the world. If we could look up into the sky and actually see the emails flying over head, they would completely cover the earth atmosphere with no trace of blue sky or white clouds to be seen.

Despite that rapid use of instant message and social media, surprisingly, 93% of all US adults ages 25-45 use email everyday and 75% of teens/adults between the age of 17-24 use email everyday.

On average, a person receives 13 commercial emails a day. This is the number that stood out the most to us, why? Because your business NEEDS to be one of the 13 emails your customer is getting on a daily basis. But the question is, how?

Nowadays salesy emails don’t cut it. You need to be providing value to your customers by solving their problems or making it easy for them to find a solution. 

Digillennial’s email marketing strategy is strictly inbound. We don’t believe in pitching customers through email. We believe in deploying a Lifecycle Email Marketing strategy that provides cutting-edge, valuable information, over time that nurtures your customer through the sales funnel and happily into the arms of your sales professionals.

If you are interested in learning more about our Lifecycle Email Marketing strategy, schedule a free consultation with us and we will help you become one of the 13 commercial emails your customer receives daily!